I do happen to live in one of the ten States that will decide the 2020 election: Wisconsin. I see hot takes like this all over the internet and I think to myself, “Must be nice to have a protest vote to throw away.”

The rest of my comment is more directed at Shannon:

At this point, one of two people is going to be President. It’s either going to be Trump or Biden. That’s it. And it’s really not that hard for me to decide Biden represents what I believe is important for America better than Trump. (Including the increasing likelihood that the next President will be nominating the replacements for Ginsberg and Breyer on the SCOTUS*.) Thus I’m going to vote for Biden and all the Democrats down ballot. End of my decision process.

Once he’s in the White House (hopefully with a Democrat-controlled Congress) then we can work on enacting the progressive agenda. Absolutely have the debate about what to do, but at *that* point. Is it really too complicated for progressives to understand you actually have to win elections *first* before you can get anything done?

You’re not going to be guilt-tripped into voting for Biden? Ok.

* We’ve already seen what kind of justices Trump nominates, the kind that make Scalia look like a leftist. I will be seriously pissed off if SCOTUS for the rest of my life is majority hard-right because progressives decided to throw a hissy fit in 2020.

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