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Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

the greatest talent
is just putting one foot
in front of the other.
How do you tell
a child
her father
gave up
eating a bullet.
Or his mother
a bottle of pills
closed her eyes?

I swam laps
in oceans of vodka
backflips into cheap wine
I despaired in my world
where everything crumbled
nothing made sense and
I almost became the Monster.

I stepped into the Abyss
but crawled back.
Others reading
will assume stereotypes
and that’s all right
I hope you know
in time
what that meant.
You already know
but not why.


Going forward, mainstream (aka real) media interviews with Republican officials need to start with a simple screening question: Is Joe Biden the legitimate President, yes or no?

No → interview…

Love and hate… can they peacefully co-exist? Hate is cancer that eats away at your everything. Stealing from you. Love is growth finding connections for you: you and others; you…

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Jewish Space Lasers

A Facebook friend posted a remarkably whiny, bad-faith, clueless opinion piece from the Tennessee Star:

…the rest of the cultural Left can’t begin to fathom, that there will be consequences to persecuting Donald Trump and attempting to make pariahs out of 75 million Americans, and it won’t be long until those consequences manifest themselves violently.

It shouldn’t take reminding that Donald Trump INCITED and then CHEERED ON as a crowd of his supporters to storm the U.S. Capitol on the day the Electoral College certification was taking place. …

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Credit: Disney+

Finally got around the binging The Mandalorian. It was enjoyable, did an excellent job of creating a stylish version of the Star Wars universe, is better than almost all the movies. but in all honesty the YouTube fan-reaction videos to episodes were ultimately more interesting.

I think part of the problem is the mythology of the universe so captured imaginations that consistent problems with things such as clunky dialogue and wooden acting were too often overlooked. That remains true even after George Lucas’ efforts got so bad he had to go. There was certainly some of that in the Mandalorian…

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Ta-Nehisi Coates by Eduardo Montes-Bradley — Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Ta-Nehisi Coates’ recent essay, “Donald Trump Is Out. Are We Ready to Talk About How He Got In?” is an update to his 2017 piece, “The First White President.” These are long pieces, but well worth the read. As he points out, Trump won every category of white people in the 2016 election: male, female; young, old; all economic levels; all geographic areas. Coates also notes that Trump’s share of the white vote was similar to that of Romney in 2012. This explodes the myth that Trump’s rise was the result of a resentful white working class angry at elite…

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Joe Biden — Wikimedia Commons

I’m going to say again that I think Joe Biden was the only Democratic candidate who could have beaten Trump. And one day into his administration, he was absolutely the right choice for this moment. Will he be “perfect”? No. But, as they say, he is decent, sober, serious, and important to add after the insanity of the last four years — sane.

I genuinely believe the American experiment with democracy would not have survived a second-term, unfettered, and completely unaccountable Donald Trump.

Something that has to be mentioned, and this is a national conversation to be had; Joe…

I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel a profound sense of relief that sanity is back in charge in the White House.

Matthew Spira

Just a middle-aged dude doing middle-aged things. Poetry repository: 1st collection, The End of the Rainbow, on sale:

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